Our values

User Love

It is not enough for our users to like us. We build towards a profound connection with our users and care deeply about our impact in their lives. We build by not only standing in their shoes, but by being in their minds and hearts – with total empathy. We build to solve functional needs and serve emotional wellbeing. Everything we do is measured first and foremost by user love.

Staying True

We each hold ourselves to the highest standards. We keep our word, even when it is not easy, and are responsible for our actions. We value authenticity, own our truth, and fight for what we believe in, even if it is scary to disagree. At the same time, we stay humble and show respect so that each has the freedom to be honest with the other, and ultimately, with themselves.

Building Together

We believe in the power of unity. We ruthlessly seek clarity, disagree and commit. We give trust even when it’s hard, and show up for each other. In tough times, and they will come, we fight in the trenches together, reciprocate courage, offer support and gratitude. That's how we win, write our stories, and celebrate as a family. Because it’s not about any one of us but all of us together.

Epic Dreams

We don’t just dream big, we dream epic. We are relentlessly ambitious, constantly seeking tougher problems to solve. We challenge the status-quo. We are resilient, hard-working and steadfast. We value not just promises but last mile delivery. So we will fight, each one of us, energised by the scale of our ambition and our worthy opponents.

A State of Flow

We aim to be energetic, motivated and passionate. This involves being 100% present and joyful in our purpose. To create from a place of completeness and not lack, and from security and not fear. We seek harmony between our personal and professional lives, so that we are physically, mentally, and emotionally vitalized.

Scoring at Life

Life’s constant is you. And what matters is how you show up for yourself. How much you want from life, and how you measure it every single day. Because we are lifelong learners, we use the downturns to reinvent, and the ups to seek new opportunities and break limits. We are always growing, always curious, and moving towards the best version of ourselves.