Complete activities to earn Skorpoints

Just like self-reward, Skorcard also wants to give back to your effort. Receive Skorpoints for every transaction and participating in Mayapada Skorcard missions.

Welcome Bonus points*

If you successfully apply for Skorcard and get approved, get ready to earn more Skorpoints.

Activities Reward points
Make your first online transaction of at least IDR10,000. 125.000
Activate physical card 25.000
Do first offline transaction 125.000
Spend Rp20 million per month for the first 3 months after receiving the card. 2.250.000

*Welcome Bonus is only eligible for the first 2,000 approved users between March 19th and March 31st, 2024.

Feature points

Say goodbye to losing points — With Skorcard, you can get rewards for every rupiah you spend.

Activities Valueback
Do online transaction 5% of the transaction amount
Do offline transaction 1% of the transaction amount

Mission points

Engage in exciting missions for additional Skorpoints. Missions* are dynamic and personalized for each user. Here's the examples:

Examples of mission Reward points Quota/month
Perform 2 transactions for flights, travel, or hotel, each starting from IDR1 million within a month 100.000 500 users
Conduct 4 transactions for fuel fill-ups, each starting from IDR500,000 within a month 100.000 500 users
Complete 10 transactions with Gojek/Grab within a month. 25.000 500 users
Make 4 transactions for groceries, each starting from IDR500,000 within a month 100.000 500 users
Make 5 payments for utility bills, each starting from IDR100,000 within a month 25.000 500 users
Perform 4 offline transactions at restaurants, each starting from IDR250,000 within a month 25.000 500 users
Aggregate IDR3 million worth of spends in insurance category within a month 150.000 500 users
Do 5 contactless transactions with more than Rp200.000 each 50.000 500 users

*Limited quota and missions will change each month.